Bamberg First Baptist Church
Monday, November 19, 2018

Ministry Assistant Children & Youth

Stephanie Hutto

During my teenage years I was not a faithful member.  Even apart from Christ-He favored me and blessed my life with Jonathan Hutto as my soul mate and best friend in 1980 and we were married by Dr. James P. Carroll and Rev. Jack Ellenburg here at First Baptist Church on June 6, 1981. We were not active members until after the birth and blessing of our two sons, David, born April 11, 1984, and J.J. born April 6, 1988. God was laying on our hearts the importance of our children needing a relationship with Him through our church family and knowing how important it had been for both of us (Jonathan was a member of Edisto Baptist Church and had perfect Sunday School attendance for several years) to have grown up in the church.  It wasn’t long after we attended regularly that we became very involved.  I began teaching on Wednesday nights and before long I was teaching Sunday School and Jonathan was called to serve as a Deacon and as Sunday School Director and teaching on Wednesday nights also.  In December of 1995 I quit working for Dr. Dale Padgett to be a full time Mom.  It wasn’t long after that that I found myself at the church office preparing Sunday or Wednesday lessons a lot. The church was getting new computers and a church membership program and they needed someone to input member data and that is where I started.  I worked part time for 2 years then I was hired full time as the Associate Secretary. I begain as Assistant Church Secretary in June of 2002. I am very thankful to serve our church and family here at First Baptist!