Bamberg First Baptist Church
Wednesday, July 15, 2020


1872 – Bamberg Baptist Church was organized as a church on November 3. Originally it was situated on West Church Street next to the first Bamberg school building.  Rev. Jesus F Buist was the first pastor.
1882 – Rev. Buist and Rev. Lucius Cuthbert were elected as pastors.
1894 – A new sanctuary was completed on Railroad Ave. and Carlisle Street.  Rev. E P Ervin was pastor at the time.
Other early pastors of the church include: Rev. W E Johnson, Rev. H M Fallaw, Rev. M L Lawson, Rev. J B Holley, Rev A J Foster, Rev. O J Frier, Rev. W R McMillan, Rev. George P White, Dr. O B Falls, Rev. J B Caston and Dr. W C Allen.
1928 – The sanctuary built in 1894 was demolished and a third building was constructed at the same location.
1933 – Rev. James P Wesberry became pastor.
1944 – Dr. James P Carroll became pastor.
1951 – Bamberg Baptist Church changed its name to First Baptist Church.
1958 – The church moves into its new educational building (later named the “Carroll Building”).
1960 – The church begins building a new fellowship hall.
1974 – Dr. Carroll celebrates his 30th anniversary as pastor.
1975 – Rev. James B Gibson became pastor.
1979 – Rev. Jack Ellenberg became pastor.
1982 – Dr. Dillard Alexander became pastor.
1994 – Dr. Charlie Barnard became pastor.
2000 – Rev. David Pohto became pastor.
2005 – Rev. Tim Futrell became pastor.
2010 – Rev. Charlie Lucas becomes pastor.